How Are You Storing Your Cold Food These Days?

Right, so you are. Most of you reading this article will have pointed out to the scribes here that, yes, of course you are storing your cold food produce in the refrigerator. The larger your food services business, the bigger and busier your refrigerator tends to be. And some of you have more than one commercially oriented refrigerators at the back of your business premises. But at the front end of your store – if it is a bistro, restaurant or coffee bar – or at least in a prominent position on your floor space, should be standing what is known as a cold food bar.

For what purpose? Some of you may have asked, but many of you reading this now will have gathered, particularly if you have been in this demanding industry for a number of years. The cold food bar is indeed keeping all your cold food items fresh and useable, but it’s doing so much more for your business. It is a display cabinet of sorts, where many of your loyal and new customers will be viewing what you are offering for them today.

cold food bar

Tantalizing and mouthwatering, that is how the picture must come across to them. They are in a rush on most occasions but the food serving trays, cold and hot, must do just enough to halt them in their tracks for a few moments. It must give them more than enough time to ponder upon what you are offering to serve them today and get them to at least decide that next time, perhaps as early as tomorrow, they will be seating themselves down at one of your nicely laid tables.

No quick take outs, just a very good and fine dining experience.