Adding Spice Is Great For Your Diet

Everyone knows the phrase adding some spice to life. Spices make all the difference between an ordinary dish and an amazing one. Besides the taste, spice revs up your metabolism, they’re good for heart, and they are a source of antioxidants. They can help reduce stress and detox the system.

Organic Spice is Even Better

Just like food, ideally, we would have our spices without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. When a chemical is added to kill pests in the fields, it makes sense there would be some knock-on effect for humans, not deadly ones of course. If you can include organic spices in your diet it makes sense to do so.


An organic spice packs more antioxidant punch – a pesticide free spice has a greater impact and the more antioxidants the better out skin tone, ability to fight infection and maybe cancer.


We have all heard how we get less benefit from antibiotics when we need them. Pesticides include antibiotics to fight plant diseases, but the side effect is that our immune system changes too. Using organics spice products help keep our immune systems functioning.

Might Be Less of a Factor Than You Think

Spices used to be a rarity, the Romans went a long way to get exotic spices for their cuisine, but now things have changed. Spices are no longer limited to a few places in the world and with more growth there is more spice available.

Buying organic in bulk or from sources other than supermarkets will offset the cost of all those small bottles and the spice itself is less expensive.

Buy from ethnic shops where you can get a bag full and then decant it at home. Don’t worry it won’t go off.