4 Kiosk Business Ideas

If you want to start a business on a limited amount of funds, a kiosk is a great idea. Mall kiosks are small stations that sell a small number of items in a specific category. They are most often found at malls, but sometimes they can be seen at festivals, in large cities, or on boardwalks. Below, we have listed four simple yet solid business ideas for your mall kiosk.

1: Accessories

Accessories are a big seller and purchasing or crafting your wares will not be too expensive to begin with. Ideas of accessories you could sell include earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, scarfs, hats, gloves, etc. The list goes on and providing a mixture of the possibilities will draw in the largest crowd.

2: Handmade Art

If you’re an artistic person, selling handmade art is a good kiosk business. Even better, you can create some items while sitting there between customers. Examples of handmade art includes sculptures, framed photographs, paintings, or anything you’ve made by hand.

3: Toys

It’s a not-so-hidden marketing secret that advertising to children will get through to their parents. Your kiosk will be seen as families travel from store to store, so selling toys is a great business for a mall kiosk. Although you can sell any toys, the best ones are small, affordable ones. These are most likely to be given the go ahead from parents, and you will likely create a larger profit than if you were selling more expensive ones.

Mall kiosks

4: Unique Clothing

If you have an eye for fashion, or a mind for cute (or snarky) phrases, unique clothing could be the business for you. Everybody wants something that nobody (or almost nobody) else has, so create limited edition pieces in amounts of fifty or less. You can then advertise them as such.