When to Use A Food Photographer & How to Choose One

Food photography is the art of taking pictures of food, just like it sounds. It isn’t as simple as it sounds, however. There is a process involved that makes the photographs more than just food. It turns the photograph into something almost palpable – and certainly mouthwatering!

When would a person need to use a food photographer New York? If you own any type of eatery, you can benefit. The images taken can be used in a wide variety of ways. Just a few of these include:

·    On menus or food brochures

·    In advertisements, both physical and online

·    For fundraisers or special events you are catering or hosting

·    As images on your website or blog

·    For recipe videos or articles posted online

How to Choose A Photographer

You want to choose a photographer who has an impressive resume to show you. If they have spent anytime in the professional photography business, they will be able to provide you with print and/or digital examples of previous photographs they have taken. Be sure they have images specifically of food, as there are many different forms of photography and not all of them require the same skill set.

When interviewing potential people, ask them for suggestions. A good photographer will have plenty of ideas on how to present you food, as well as which food items would make the best photographs. They should ask important questions before making suggestions, such as:

·    What will you be using the photographs for?

·    What are your best selling dishes?

·    Are there any dishes you would like to promote in particular?

a food photographer New York

·    What kind of eating establishment are you, and is there any specific mood or theme associated with it?

·    Who are your primary clientele? (It could be locals, tourists, older individuals, teenagers, young adults, families, or upscale, etc.)